Why do my prints keep crashing?!

Do the printers know it’s cold outside? Has my singing offended them?

Awww. It’s sad ramen……


It’s the fourth time across both printers…

I’m going to spritz some hairspray on the bed

If it was just the first layer thats stringy, it might be the bed leveling…but at that point, it looks like severe underextrusion or something. It’s weirdly not just a random ball of spaghetti but a sort of ghost of your part, just with the filament all over the place. Perhaps the temperature isn’t right on the hotend? What temps are you using?

With it failing on both printers, it sounds like it could be a gcode issue or, like @gordoa40 mentioned, a temp issue.

Also the other thing you can check is if you are printing at the right speed or it’s too fast.

Maybe its printing the Ikea version for you :slight_smile:

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