👾 Who's Vending at Classic Games Fest?

If you’d like to drop your name and social media handle we can be sure to let anyone attending Classic Games Fest 7/22 & 7/23 know to check you out!


Me! :mario_star: I suck at updating social media and mostly vend there because it’s a fun event, I like making video game themed stuff, and I love seeing how excited people get about it. So with that caveat, here’s my ig handle (you will rarely see anything from me there :joy:) @vgwoodwork.


@firehideandsilver ig

Made these today


@HannaKessler @valerie @Jordanva2 How did it go this weekend?? Any photos to share?


It went great! Cleared out a lot of my stuff and a good chunk of change. Next year will be 3 days long! Even crazier.

Yes, it went great this year! It didn’t seem like more people attended, but people seemed willing to spend more money. My first few sales were my highest priced items (Transformers mirror set and pixel inlay cutting board). This year, my sales on Saturday alone matched my sales for the full weekend last year. I was really glad to have hired @Jordanva2 to help for the weekend as well – she was a huge asset with her extensive laser knowledge and quick learning on classic video games. She did a great job answering questions about the making process and helping customers. We talked about Asmbly with a bunch of people and encouraged out of towners to check out their local makerspaces (we gave specific recommendations when we knew of one where they lived :slight_smile:).

On the pictures note – I’m feeling like an old lady over here because I was taking pictures/footage directly to my instagram story and I didn’t realize how fleeting that is (I adjusted my settings so it will now save content and not just disappear completely). Jordan and Jason took pictures, but these couple of product photos are all I have at the moment.

re: the change to it being a 3 day event next year – I’m really not excited about this and the other vendors I talked to (especially those that travel from out of town) were not happy about it either. Adding a week day to the event (Friday) is likely going to be a conflict for most working people and not increase attendance very significantly. It puts a lot more strain on vendors – time at event, time off from work, likely increased booth cost, increased travel cost for out of towners staying at hotels – and it isn’t likely to be a very big impact on overall sales (most vendors seem to experience substantially higher sales on Saturday with Sunday being a total bust for some people that I talked to – personally my Sunday sales tend to be about half that of my Saturday sales). I’ve been vending at this event for the past 3 yrs and will definitely do next year (I’ve had a lot of repeat customers come looking for me at the event), but may not continue after that depending on the 3 day experience.

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Here’s a fun one from Jordan’s picture collection :joy: I dress up as Chun Li on the second day each year. :chun_li:


Val go to Archives on your IG and you should be able to see Stories auto saved

I didn’t have auto archiving stories enabled :sob: (it is set now). I’m not sure how the setting got turned off because stories from last year do show in there.

3 days will definitely be rough, and I just don’t see friday being a big day people are excited to come out for. Do they think people will take time off work to go to the event just to shop? I personally doubt there will be much traffic Friday. My sales were actually about the same on Saturday and Sunday, but I sold a lot of my higher ticket items end of Saturday and on Sunday. People were sleeping on it haha.