Who Do You Follow on YouTube?!

Hey cool cats and kittens :tiger:

I’m looking for YouTube channels - JRO and I are creating a video template as our social media presence continues to grow and I’d love to get some recommendations on accounts that you already like to follow.

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Ishitani is easily my favorite furniture maker on YouTube.

No fluff, no voice-overs, just a maker, his shop, and occasional cute dog appearances.

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I probably enjoy Blondihacks and This Old Tony project videos more than anyone else’s. Also Vancouver Carpenter but he’s a bit of a tangent.

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Honestly, mostly stuff not related to making. I prefer to produce rather than consume. Lots of funny Japanese pranks and stuff (they sure know how to do a prank over there!)

But on topic, there are quite a few restoration channels, such as odd tinkering, random hands, hand tool rescue. Thise are really good and teach by example. BUT not every restoration channel is created equal, some are frauds. I think of those types of channels, and that wasnt an exhaustive list, hand toll rescue is my favorite be ause he has a sense of humor.

This Old Tony is fantastic

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Vancouver Carpenter is the man to follow to learn about drywall. (And knowing how to patch drywall is the gateway drug to more home renovation, because you become fearless about tearing holes in your wall to reach things.)

Bigclivedotcom is certainly going to appeal to makers

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I like “Stuff Made Here”, Abom79, and all fiber laser cutting videos at the moment

There are a few very specific videos from the National Gallery’s Behind the Scenes in Conservation playlist that have some crazy interesting woodworking detail.

A structural repair of Reuben’s

Making 6 huge frames …

I think I’ve watched more MRE taste tests and “Will It Carbonate?” on BigClive than anything related to making :slight_smile:

Honestly, it’s the ‘will it carbonate’ that I’m thinking of. Like, I can’t imagine any of our members not finding that version of using tools outside their intended purpose relatable.

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Honestly, bigclive isnt a making channel, and he doesnt do much making. in fact, hes more of an unmaking channel. :slight_smile: But he does have content that helps makers understand how things work, so i dont disagree that its a good channel for makers. :slight_smile:

I like that he helped me understand how capacitative droppers work. And why theyre dangerous. In fact, hes one of the few youtubers that enphasize just how dangerous mains electricity is. I appreciate that.

And what maker isn’t interested in unmaking? :crazy_face:

Ill admit, unmaking is one of my specialties. :innocent:

In no particular order:
• Simone Giertz
• Jimmy Diresta
• steve Ramsey (WWMM)
• DIY Perks (too slik/over prod.)
• Veritasium (micro-tool porn)
• Maker Pipe
• I Like to Make Stuff

That should do for now

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@LoboFPV we have quite a few overlaps on favs!

I shared some of favorite channels here → List of Suggested Videos to help new members get started - #4 by valerie

I also love these:

(I watch a lot of YouTube while I eat meals :joy: )

I’ll throw some in –

Alec Steele for blacksmithing content
John Malecki woodworking, slabs
Bourbon Moth for woodworking, fine furniture
Fireball Tool for machining, fabrication, and cool tools and projects
Foureyes Furniture for aesthetic furniture projects
Matt’s Woodworks for woodworking – much smaller creator, but talented
Matt Estlea woodworking, hand tooling, etc
Sawyer Design woodworking, fine furniture, crazy talented
Bevelish Creations woodworking, talented filmmaking and aesthetic
Ivan Miranda 3D printing, large and ambitious projects
Peter Sripol RC planes, cars, other ridiculous vehicles

Alright, skipped a few of the biggest ones and ones that have been mentioned already but that’s most of my making subscription list