Which router bit should I buy?

Router noob here. I want to make an edge similar to this picture. What router bit should I buy to make this type of cut on our router table? I want a good quality bit, as I expect to need it for quite a few pieces.

Hard to tell from the angle, but it almost looks like a Dupont, though not through the entire edge. A round over bit could also get close to that, if you elevate the bit slightly above the table surface. It doesn’t seem to have the quarter circle shape of a round over, but again, that would get you close, with a very common bit profile.

I’m aiming for similar, but not necessarily identical. So round over is the profile i’m aiming for?

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I think so. There may be some old round over bits in the drawer, or by the hand tools. Pop one in, and run a scrap through the router. Normally the bearing is on the tip, and you get the bit just far enough out of the table so that you get a smooth transition from the side surface (riding against the bearing), to the bottom surface (riding along the table). If you raise the bit up from there, it will start cutting into the bottom surface, leaving that vertical edge along the top of your piece in the photo.

Are you referring to the hand router table or CNC router table?

Hand router table.

You could leave some extra material on the edge, use a standard round-over then run it through the jointer once to give it the slight U profile. That would be pretty close after some light sanding.

I have a cheapo router set I got online you can play with this week, before you buy something nice.
Let me know when I should meet you at the space, I’ll either be there or I’m 5 min away all this week.

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Amazon and toolstoday have lots of options. They’ll show you the shape as a 2d drawing so it’s easy to see what it’ll look like on the finished product. Amana brand from Tools Today is really good but I’ve also had great luck with cheaper ones from amazon lasting well over a hear with regular use.