Which license should I get to use Lightburn at home?

Hey y’all,

I’m looking into buying a copy of Lightburn so I can do some at-home editing and I was wondering if the DSP license would be the correct way to do that. I have a coupon from the laser course but it doesn’t seem to be working with either version, so I’m guessing I’m looking at the wrong types of keys.


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You need the DSP license for our lasers.
The discount code you got in class is used at checkout.
You should receive your discount after you click the Apply button.

Do they, though? You’re not supposed to hook up your copy straight to the laser. That can cause major trouble.

AFAIK the saved project files for the GRBL and DSP versions of LB are the same, aren’t they?

Good point, I’ve not tested file interoperability.
I buy the license for the machine I’ll control with Lightburn.
It’s worth finding out for sure as GRBL is half the cost of DSP license.

Any updates on this Lightburn version question? I just took Laser class, GCode version is only $60 vs DSP @$120. For at home, can we simply design in the GCode version and load file onsite? - or do we need to start with the DSP version. Seems like the cheaper version should work for design at home since not actually using to drive the machine?

Hey Eric,

You won’t be able to drive it from your own computer but you can do all your design and setup there so you can just drop it onto the computers at Asmbly.

We should still have a discount code that will drop it down to $30 (if i remember correctly) that I can message you once I find it!

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There is no problem designing on the cheaper gcode version at home. The files will run on Tarkin or Dorian just fine

Perfect!!! The discount code you shared works on the DSP version taking it from $120 down to $30. While the GCode version starts at $60, the discount code does not work on that one making it twice as expensive…

I appreciate the response!