Where to get large sheets of cardboard?

I’ll be pulling out my backsplash soon, and I need to find large sheets of cardboard to lay on the counter and floor. Is there a source in Austin?

I’ve found these guys sell sheets at a good price, and it’s just walk up:

Apparently they don’t know how to update their ssl cert, but I guess that won’t affect the cardboard.


Crikey! They’re right next to my old office… Awesome. Thanks!

I have purchased from Dakota Lumber in the past

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Cool. I’ll check there. I’ll be going there for other components when the time comes.

Old thread, but I like to hit up appliance repair shops for this – they often have large dryer or refrigerator boxes out by the recycling bins. Bring a utility knife and if it’s not clearly set out for pickup, ask permission!

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Good point. We happen to have a laundromat equipment company next door to us. They fill the cardboard recycling dumpster regularly. I’m sure some dumpster diving there wouldn’t be an issue.

When I pick up material at Allied Plastics. I sometimes ask for the coversheet of carboard to protect my finish while I transport. I think if you need a small amount they might hand it over?

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As Adam Savage of Youtube’s Tested fame says “Cardboard is the gateway drug of making”!

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