Where to find the Parking map

I am sure I have seen it, but I do not know where it is anymore. I have looked a few different places. Someone asked if their car was safe on the side of the building. I said yes and then I thought about it and I remember thinking I had to park in the middle of the two buildings once after checking where we could park. Thanks for the information!

Here it is


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Not sure if it needs an update – the Yellow spots may not be available at all anymore?

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Now it is searchable on here and that is what I had hoped would happen! And it was fast as well! This is a great resource!

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The yellow spots may have changed / be changing - our neighbor to the southwest is new since that diagram was made, and our neighbor to the north is moving out soon if they haven’t already.

I’m not sure who to ask about that; I’ll talk to @wdnatx about pinging the management company.

I think we should change the map for the three spaces closest to the dumpster to be “no parking any time”. That business is open during weekends

I agree with @stepho
They have parked their trailer in our spots on occasion, and parked it up on the extreme edge of their spots. Since they do have customers visit on weekends, it’s reasonable for them to want their spots left free.

Could somebody make an updated parking image? I’ll post it.