Where to buy specialty lumber locally

Hi! My name is Reid, and I am relatively new to Asmbly. For my next project, I am in need of some 8/4 cherry lumber, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some in or around Austin. I have found some options via facebook marketplace that are a pretty good drive outside of Austin. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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We keep a relatively up-to-date supplier list on the wiki Lumber Suppliers - Asmbly Wiki

Fine Lumber reports 8/4 and 12/4 cherry in stock.


Habitat ReStore also sells stuff from Texas Urban Sawmill in Dripping.

Fine lumber is right behind Asmbly and they’re super nice there

If I could, I would love to piggyback off this thread and ask if anyone has any good sources for hardwood dealers that specifically sell locally grown species like pecan, mesquite, walnut, live oak?

Live oak is apparently beautiful, but very very very difficult to get to dry without splitting, so harvest lumber definitely doesn’t have that

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There is a long drying & milling process on this…. But just thought I’d throw it out there that the city gives away all the big trees / tree branches it cuts throughout the city on the first friday of each month.

They often have walnut, pecan and mesquite (and always oak).

They will cut it for you on site and they’re super friendly - but loading and hauling is all on you.



Bill Stuewe, Berdoll and Swift River all have local lumber. I’m a particular fan of Swift River, and get most of my pecan there. They do have live oak from time to time, but as @stepho says, it’s more difficult to process. But Swift carries pecan and cypress mostly, with some walnut and live oak tossed in. Berdoll has a fairly broad selection, but is pricier.

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Hahn and Hahn Sawmill is the best place for mesquite, and some cedar. Great guy, and very old school. Cash works best, and I usually leave with extra pieces he doesnt charge me for. Bit of a drive south, but definitely worth it.


Thanks ! Great tip

I have a great deal of mesquite and a little walnut available located just past Bee Caves .

Another recommendation for:

Bill Stuewe (Georgetown - Red Oak , Live Oak , and Pecan , Cypress )
Swift River (Luling - Pecan and Cypress ) they also have flattening services