Where to buy plywood for laser boxes?

Looking to build a bunch of boxes for storage/organization in the office. Planning on using 1/4" plywood. I like the plywood that is for sale in the laser room. Where can I purchase more of it? Or perhaps is there a lower quality wood for a cheaper price that would still get the job done? How much should I be expecting to pay for a 4’x8’ sheet?

Fine Lumber just around the corner from the shop has great options for Baltic birch. I believe the stuff we have for sale at the shop is from Dakota Lumber.

Thing to note - not all Baltic birch is equivalent. Some members found the glues of some types to not be overly compatible with our lasers. @dannym might remember more details.

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The lumber in the laser room is imported Birch from Dakota. You would have to call them for current pricing.

The glue issue tends to be more prevalent with the different imported Birches. Dakota seems to be pretty consistent with theirs, and it lasers well. I can’t speak for other vendors.

True Baltic seems to be very consistent, but expense and not always in supply.


For 1/4", the glue thing is not really a problem. It’s when you’re lasering thicker ones like 3/4" where you really start to see an issue. 1/4" is thin enough that you can still get nice golden edges on those.


If you’re looking for quality, baltic birch is probably as good as you’re going to get off the shelf. If you’re looking for utility, Home Depot has 1/4" is almost white, a little rough, but very light (don’t get the construction pine one). This plywood cuts rather easy on the laser, can be sanded, and stains well. Is in the $30 (4 X 8) last time I got it (last Nov). Baltic Birch comes in 5 X 5 sheet (1550mm X 1550mm to be exact). It cost more ($48 to $54). Is more stable because all the layers are the same thickness with no voids in between, it can be sanded but one side comes sanded to 150 grit and stains rather well but is more attractive with just a clear coat. American species hardwoods (cherry, maple, alder, red oak, etc) or mahogany are usually on hand they go from $42 to $55 for a 4 X 8 sheet. All laser well but not very friendly when it comes to sanding or cleaning the zoot. If is cabinet related, Dakota will have much better prices otherwise the other stuff is usuaĺly only $1 less than Austin Fine woods. Also, there is a prefinished 1/4" plywood but im not familiar with the price. This one lasers well, you only have to wipe it clean with water and paper towels or rags but you have to use epoxy, polyurethane, or CA glue to glued it together. Regular PVA or yellow glue will fail outright or in a very little time.