Where can carbon fiber panels be cut?

Do we have equipment and spaces we can cut or machine carbon fiber panels on? Not only in terms of machine capability, but also in terms of not destroying blades immediately, and having proper dust collection to safely handle carbon fiber dust.

I already know that we can’t laser them~

Interesting question and there has been some work with carbon fiber in the past. If you can give me some more information on the panels themselves and types of cuts / machining we can explore some options. A few months ago a member tried cutting carbon fiber on the Saw Stop and quickly found out that carbon fiber trips the brake.

I’ve dealt with carbon fiber as a bike mechanic and flying drones and you 100% do not want the dust flying around

I believe it’s similar to metal dust where it enters the lungs and lever leaves

When we cut parts in the bike shop we would wear masks and spray it down with water while cutting almost like a tile saw

Also yes definitely conductive, you have to isolate electronic parts from it otherwise you can get interference


Yea, this is what I feared and why I was asking before going in blind!

There are some CF cutting and machining services I have been recommended (such as CNCMadness) to go to that can actually do CF parts cheaper than material cost that I want to go with first, though I was wondering what the capabilities here are if I need something done (myself) faster than services can provide.

Physically the cnc can definitely do it but you’d be creating a not great scenario for yourself and anyone else in the shop at the time

If they can do it that cheap I would totally go with having them cut it all, regardless of the toxic factor

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