When you trip the Sawstop - What to do

  1. Count your fingers
  2. Determine what caused the trip
  3. Find a steward or post on Discourse, or scan any red QR code and report
  4. Remove the old blade and cartridge
  5. Go on Neon and purchase a blade and cartridge from the store
  6. A steward will get you a blade and cartridge
  7. Replace the blade and cartridge

There are times when the sawstop trips and Woodcraft doesn’t have cartridges, or Woodcraft is closed. And the blades were getting very random and inconsistent. We are standardizing on full kerf blades now, and keep those in stock as well. Do not put any other blade on the saw, unless it’s for personal use, and you take it with you.


Where is Neon? Can you provide an address, and telephone number, or website. What is the size and model number of the blade and cartridge? Or where in the Wiki is this info.

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You have an account on Neon and pay your monthly membership with it.
Log in, go to the store.
You bring up a good point on the Wiki. That will get updated.

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Well, well, well. I know about Neon website, but for some stupid reason I never assumed it was our own Neon website, but rather a store in the area named Neon, Sorry about that.


In addition, I did a screen capture tour on how to find this link from Asmbly’s main webpage. Relevant links each have a red box around where you need to click

Under “members” on the far right, you will get this drop-down menu. You’re looking for the Member Portal (neon)

Once you log in, click the grey “what would you like to do”

Select “Asmbly Store”

The top item in the store is what you’re looking for


I saw that CMT Combo blade on there after the maintenance day, and it warmed my heart.