What's the best way to drill this pattern into this aluminum?

hi folks - I doubt I’m going to need an actual “metal shop” solution to this per se because it’s just aluminum, but: I need to drill this pattern into aluminum that’s 3mm thick. Is this fairly easy to do with stuff available here or at Home Depot? The complicating factor, I think, is that the sheet already had this hole in it that’s way bigger than a drill bit, so I’m not sure how I would keep the circular bit steady. Any advice appreciated.

If you have taken the cnc training you can do it on the laguna,

If you have laser training you can cut the template on the laser out of acrylic, drill the three holes on the metal drill press, or hand drill. Then bolt the template down with the three holes to give yourself a guide for the hole saw.

You can also open the center hole up to a size with a regular drill bit that allows you to run two hole saws at the same time.

You can can also rough cut the big hole to size with a jig saw and then use the template to router it out to the exact size

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You could cut an wooden plug to fit the existing hole then use a hole saw as if the existing center hole was not present,

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cut an wooden plug to fit the existing hole

Better yet just clamp a board to the back.


or fixture it and use a boring head :slight_smile:

But I think Chase’s suggestion is the most practical. Clamp a board to the back, center-punch each hole through the pattern, then use a twist drill for the small holes and a hole saw for the big one.

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:man_facepalming:t2: can’t believe I didn’t think of just clamping a board to it. thanks folks!

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I have taken the CNC training but remember almost nothing about using the Laguna{e} :sweat_smile:

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