What was your best selling product at the Maker's Market last year?

This week’s Entrepreneur in a Box event will feature a discussion of how to get ready for the Maker’s Market (November 11th and 12th by the way!)

As part of the presentation, I would like to include what kinds of products people had success with at the last market. Pictures are amazing if you have them, but just an idea of what did well would be perfect.

Did you sell out of something you weren’t expecting to be so popular? Did you have a hard time selling something you thought would be a hit? Let us know!

Also please feel free to join the discussion in person on September 21st.


I won’t be at the Market this year, but I focused on inexpensive, easy things to make in volume. And they sold. Larger labor-intensive woodworking pieces didn’t move. Smaller pieces did. People will part with money on impulse for lower prices. Higher prices, and they’ll shop around - but they don’t always make it back to you.