What signs should we have around the space?

I asked was asked to start this topic, so here goes.

I think the tools around the hackerspace need to have more signs with information like:

  1. What not to do (e.g. don’t cut PVC on the laser cutter, don’t touch the tablesaw blade unless it’s off, etc.)
  2. Summary of steps on how to use the equipment, for people who use it only occasionally and need reminders
  3. What training is necessary to use the equipment
  4. Contact info for the sign itself

I think the first step would be to create a list of equipment that needs signs, and then assign an owner to each sign. The owner would be someone who is very familiar with the equipment. We probably should create a template so that all the signs generally looks the same.

Is there an official Google Docs site that can be used to create a spreadsheet?

I made a spreadsheet — http://j.mp/atxhs-signs-sheet and doc — http://j.mp/atxhs-signs-doc — both are editable by anyone with the link. Added some ideas to the doc.

There is also a set of tool sheets at http://j.mp/atxhs-tool-sheets — it would also be nice if these were cleaned-up / added-to / printed-out and placed by each machine in a sheet protector.

Could you update your links to your spreadsheets or provide directions to access them. Please and thank you.


I would suggest, a standard font and character size be adopted for ALL signs. A standard easy to read, from a distance, lettering, with a high contrast background. These are not projects, to be creative on, legibility and clearity should be the end goal.

Peace, Wolf


A standard template is a good idea. Also, perhaps some icons that represent common requirements, like training required or must be reserved via a calendar.


Icons would be fine, as for the reservations via calendar, seems to be a given right now, and would be pointless once ops resume an open policy in the coming year or so.


The lasers need to be reserved on a calendar. The table saw does not. That’s what I meant.

Also, I want to add that I think it is the responsibility of the Director of Education to spearhead this project, including finding sign owners.

I like the idea of a consistent style that is very easy to read. I think icons that are applicable long term would be helpful. All machines require training to some degree, so not sure a training icon would be especially necessary or informative. The calendar icon is a great idea for those areas that always require a reservation.

Identifying what signs are missing/needed is something the community can engage on in this thread. The organizing aspect is something I can do if needed, but we’d need people to step up and say “Hey I can do this piece”. We have some skilled graphic designers in the community who could help with the consistent legible design if they are willing to help out. We still need the content though and volunteers to execute on lasers if we are doing laser cut signs (which I think would be the simplest solution).

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I made some edits to Timur’s google doc with some suggested wording. I’d request the wording gain necessary approvals and into production ASAP.

I think the graphic icons are good idea as well as consistent (official looking) format. Consistent width, border(?), color(?) along with font and size.

With respect to the SawStop sign location, putting all that information ON THE SAW is impractical. May I suggest the “official looking” sign go on the wall to the right and a “NOTICE” sign noting the location of the bigger sign on the saw fence.

I am in favor of putting safety glasses (however scratched or in poor quality) in some little box or pouch at each work station. It’s a reminder really. If you really want to see (and avoid having to sanitize the glasses in the pouch) have your own glasses. There is no excuse to not wearing eye protection.

@David, are the spreadsheet links still not working for you? They’re working for me- maybe updated or maybe I have different permissions. Will you let me know if you weren’t able to access?

I attempted to link to the spreadsheets from my email. It worked fine from yo.atxhs.org.

It appears that the mail function strips out the link html. Hmmmm. Just something to be aware of

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