What should we add or change to the discourse?

Any categories we should add, or plugins you think are useful? All suggestions welcome.

Not familiar enough to know off hand, but having a broad category/topic for tools/machines with sub categories for each machine. Like being able to have a subforum for the lasers, CNC, etc. I’m a discourse n00b!


Community projects

I.e. where the aquaponics updates and info can be posted lol


@Tookys Done! Check out #expo!

Would love to see ALLL the details of building that — I heard it was extraordinarily well documented.

@mrflip Done. Check out the Aquaponics build in the expo section :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple more section ideas:

  1. Need help? (separate from the ask for atxhs billing / technical support section there now)
    Needing help or advice on something your trying to build? Ask it here and people with know how will help.
    [Edit. Actually I think this is covered in the maker talk category already]

  2. Vote proposals.
    A section specifically designated for voting matters their proposal, their discussion, and their final decision (passed or rejected) so people who want to follow it can. And those who dont can avoid the section.

  3. Events and happenings
    Upcoming event, or show. Or lecture you caught wind of? Just a cool birthday party people can attend? Let us know here. (Kind of meant more for after covid is over, )


Love those ideas — I’ll add something under Ask ATXHS for “Other questions for the volunteer staff”. Could you start permathreads for the other things?

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Actually I was thinking for these things to be categories upon themselves.

The current ask atxhs seems more like a “technical support help” than a “ask project questions” section, so I feel they should be seperate.

The reason I’d want these as separate categories and not just new threads is so people can start a new topic if they have a question. Or an event so it can have it’s own discussion, instead of piggy backing onto a already long thread.

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I don’t actually have much prior experience with using discourse, and “what should be a category and what should be a permathread” was one of my questions, thanks. If the answer is “Actually many of the threads you started really should be subcategories” — you’re blessed to just do it, and delete or re-home or whatever the threads I’ve started. I’m quite hardened to “gee all that code you wrote? Congratulations! We proved that the spec|feature was dumb, and just deleted it all”.

Any good or possibly good ideas that you’d be willing to also implement I approve of

Suggestion: Enable Show subcategory list view settings for top-level topics with significant subtopics.

I already did it for the Space Teams topic because that one seems very obvious: all the real discussion is very likely going to be in the sub-spaces, so make them easy to see.

I also enabled it for Operations, but that’s maybe a little less clear that it should be there. I think we can be flexible. Alternatively, we could declare a standard default and (presumably) auto-configure all spaces to have this on?

FYI, here’s where the option is hiding in the topic editing dialog:

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