What a great group

I am so proud of the members of hackerspace. We had our cutting board class. There was some mixup regarding the start time on Sunday. Everyone was understanding. We coordinated with Adam Regarding the planer and the tables. He was very understanding. James even donated some wood to the project. One of the pieces happen to be the perfect place to demonstrate the use of the planer and the jointer as it was both warped and Bent. I have been looking for such a board earlier in the day in my pile, but I had already prepped them. It came at the perfect time. Everyone was friendly and welcoming to our New members and members becoming active again. Everyone seem to have fun and learn new skills. They are pitched in to clean up and help me load my materials back in the car. That’s the kind of teamwork I like to see. Thanks again @timur @timafeich @ccjjmartin @George @jamesmcnees and @gordoa40