Welding project question

Hi All - Trying to stick weld a 1/8" steel sprocket on to a steel(?) axle driver.

I’ve tried a bunch of times but I’m not sure if this even the right application. Its kinda big so I cant really disassemble and drag into the shop. Any thoughts here? I scraped both sides clean and get a fine arc going, but Im clearly maing some beginner mistakes…(which makes sense…)

i cant upload pics here it doesnt seem

Can you send a link with the pics hosted somewhere?

It looks like you are having an issue with getting a puddle established. I know you mentioned it was steel on steel welding. Is the gear steel? Just asking. It sort of looks like aluminum.

Well the sprocket does stick to the welding magnet - but the axle driver doesn’t.

Maybe the axle driver is aluminum. Hmm

I was going to suggest that you’re either trying to weld to cast iron or pot metal. Neither weld well.

Pot metal is also non-magnetic.

Would they use pot metal for that axel driver?

It’s on an old EZGO golf cart

My money is on its Aluminum. I’ve come across pot metal for vehicles mostly on cheap older Chinese manufactured engines or for non-structural parts (lids, covers or ornamental stuff).

That said when you try to use iron rods on aluminum it makes for quite the light show. It must have been pretty explosive in either case. You’ll need to fix the gear mechanically or find a similar metal sprocket.

Ok I’m trying an aluminum sprocket!