Welcome to ASMBLY! COVID Safety Update! [GLOBAL BANNER]


Asmbly is open, and like the rest of Austin, our COVID restrictions are gradually easing up!

There is now an updated COVID Policies page on the Asmbly Wiki. That page will serve as your central reference from now on.

Note that discussion threads or any other posts here on Discourse do not constitute official policy.

Stay Up-to-Date & Engaged

  • See the Operations::Updates Discourse category. It includes an archive of email announcements and info on how to subscribe.

  • Attend member meeting on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

    • Zoom link: [here]
    • Active proposals can be discussed in the Operations category: [link]

@valerie, we should probably update our banner topic again… :slight_smile:

I just now noticed how extra outdated it has become since I haven’t personally logged in for awhile – and this banner only shows up if you haven’t dismissed it as a user… or if you aren’t logged in.

Anyway, I’m not really fully in the loop in what our updated messaging details should be here, besides obviously it shouldn’t say “ATXHS” any more. I’m happy to help update it, but I’m guessing someone more up-to-date should write the first draft, and I’d be happy to copy-edit or whatever if y’all would like.

Thanks for pointing that out, I totally missed that. I just posted the latest changes including a link to the new wiki which will be the ongoing source of truth Covid Policies - Asmbly Wiki. If you can help update places to point towards that, that would be extremely helpful!

@valerie, OK, I took a swing at editing it for brevity, branding, and linking to the new policy page. :slight_smile:

I left the “Stay Up-to-Date & Engaged” section as-is, since AFAIK that info is all still valid. Correct?

Finally, I think I might actually clone off a copy of this topic and set that as “the banner topic”. I believe that would cause the updated banner to show back up for all the other old-timer accounts and thus help spread the word about the latest policy document.

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To be clear, I’ll wait until you (or someone else much more informed than I) confirms that the “stay up-to-date” section is still correct. :slight_smile:

That’s great! I just updated the Zoom link (bitly is pretty expensive if you want to be able to change link endpoints :confused:), but otherwise it’s good to go. Thanks for thinking of this and helping spread the word.

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OK, I just toggled the global banner setting on this post. I think that means it will show up again for every user, regardless of whether they had previously dismissed it. It does for me, now, though I had to refresh Discourse a couple times before it actually showed up again. Not sure if that was just a slight delay in propagation of the setting or what.

Anyway, hopefully it will show up with the latest info for everyone. I’m curious if it does for you, and if not we can troubleshoot a bit more.

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Sweet! It did show up but only after I did a force refresh. This is great, thank you :awesome:

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