Website sign up not working

Website sign up not working. There’s a new member, George Johnson, who has been trying to sign up for several days. He’s been unable unable to get to step number three on the main page which is to login and purchase a membership. The first two steps work OK. He has tried from the phone, and Macintosh, and I have tried from my phone as well. Neither of us was able to get in. It gets frozen when the icon changes to mustard yellow. I am trying to finish the last part of our cutting board class with him on a one on one basis. I went ahead and made an appointment on Skedda under my name for him. I will be with him as an instructor. He wants to join. If neon is not working, can we do this some other way until neon is functioning again? P

@valerie or @astc any ideas?

@Fmartin looks like the link on step 3 button is not working. But you can just click on the members tab> Members Portal(NEON) and get into neon from there

Updated – website now has links for all 4 steps (step 4 links to the how to access Skedda post on Discourse)

Thanks @EricP, @Jon, @valerie! It was our new users and potential members Who couldn’t Pay for their memberships. I was always able to get on It seems to be fixed now. George said he was able to sign up. One problem solved. He was not able to get into the intro to woodworking class until after Christmas (he used to work as a carpenter).

I’m still trying to get my son Chris back on the family plan that we were on when we were previously members. I have looked through my profile and cannot see anywhere to add on family family member. I would like to do this and pay for his membership under my account. I can’t do it through neon, could someone that has we authority please help me get this done. I am authorizing in writing my desire to use my same credit card for both accounts. I don’t know who’s umbrella this falls under. He will be a great addition to the space. He is already taken the introduction on zoom.

Yeah I think it was just a little confusing because steps 3 and 4 on the join process part of the website didn’t link to anything.

For family plans, additional family members will need to create their own Neon account, then email with the family members names. We do some backend magic to make the discount appear and it’s all good to go from there. I’ll add a little more to the FAQ on the website about the family memberships.

Thanks Valerie. Chris included his neon account information. I want to be the primary. I emailed the membership as you suggested. Thank you. I just want to get through Christmas before I think about another class. But I’ll Do it. People were also asking about the aluminum anodizing class. That one’s a little more complicated. I told him I needed to wait until after the cutting board class was done.