Website issue on iPhone

Hi People
I tried to saw through a stone embedded in some wood on the bandsaw. It exposed some related problems with the bandsaw tires but I hoped it wouldn’t break the Internet too. But…

I attempted to alert about the red tag on the Grizzly saw and there are some problems accessing mailing lists on the phone version of I logged on. The drop down list “What do you want to do” does not include the option to connect to mailing lists.

Is this by design? A feature? A Flaw?

I didn’t have the means to flag the members the Grizzly was red tagged. Sorry.

Not on purpose! This may be a remnant of old info.

Here’s the procedure from the Member Handbook:

Really appreciate you reporting the problem! We could use help cleaning old inaccurate info off the wiki and adding good accurate info to the new website if that’s in your skill+enthusiasm set.

@David78737 There is a post in space teams about the saw, could you follow up with details?

Hey @David78737 thanks for bringing this up about the member portal. I just checked and it looks like we can add custom items to that menu set to link to a URL. I’m wondering what would be the best approach for us to take with this. This is what I’d propose we do:

  1. Set up a menu item in member portal linking to a new wiki page where the red tag procedure is defined. Remap Member Handbook to link to this page for details on procedure and have the wiki page be the single source of truth for how to red tag a machine.
  2. On wiki page, include quick links to Space Teams in Discourse where members should post about red tagged machine.

Thoughts? Objections? @Jon if it’s not too much trouble for you to create a wiki page with the info we have in the member handbook on this, I can setup the menu item in Neon linking to it.

I agree the procedure should be documented someplace findable, and the wiki makes sense. I’ll think about the easiest way to link to it from all the tool pages too.

What do you think about making a red-tag / trouble-report form ? My first thought is maybe it goes on Neon, but I’d love to have a ticket-tracker type system so we can assign things to people and have status updates for longer-running issues.

Hi Valerie

Thanks again for reaching out for comments.

My interest is to be as welcoming to members as to the general population. To me that looks like a button or link to [member login]

I would suggest that the main menu offer something like this:

Good points on the red tag trouble reports. It would be nice but perhaps a website challenge to link scheduling (ATX HS SKEDDA) function to the red tag reports to notify people scheduling work time (in the wood shop say) that such and such a tool is not available or needs repair or a sanding strip wrap.

Speaking of this, I have a very bad idea. It would be nice to “vend” consumables and have them accessible not in Eric’s case (which is locked) but in some kind to storage locker not unlike an Amazon distribution access point like at Whole Foods or a post office box

Band saw blades, drum sander wraps, sawstop triggers, sawstop blades.

These could be stocked and locked up on site. Vending on the ATXHS website could email the locker lock code to the purchaser for that particular item who could then retrieve the item and install it as they need it. The item in the locker might also include instruction on installing same on a printed sheet - perhaps laminated - and put back. Or online instructions to install a wrap or bandsaw blade.

I saw a sawstop trigger lying about the other day. they are worth some bucks, no?

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The drum sander is perhaps not a great example; last I heard officially (and it still says on the wiki) was that the drum sander is BYO-paper.

There have been some discussions about vending consumables. I think it makes a lot of sense as a convenience for stuff members would be buying on their own. We do have a vending machine with cricut blades in the lounge, but its applications are limited because it doesn’t have a card reader – we can only use it for supplies that can be sold for single-digit dollars.

For the bigger stuff you mentioned - band saw blades, sawstop cartridges – I’d prefer to talk about increasing the body of volunteers (power users, if you will) that are familiar with the machines and comfortable performing maintenance tasks. I do like the idea of keeping laminates instruction cards with the supplies - every machine has its quirks, and keeping documentation up-to-date will help keep things running smoothly.

I were making “unlimited resources” plans, I’d want a locker like you suggested for each maintenance area with a keyfob reader on it. We can allow access to anyone who’s shown interest in handing maintenance (like Eric’s been doing with his combination) but with the addition of accountability in the form of an access log.

The BRIDGE thing on the mobile view is something that needs to get fixed. I have been doing a little bit here and there on the website, but @astc is the main contributor who put this together (thank you so very much Ashley!!). @astc or @wdnatx can y’all see about fixing this for the mobile view?

I like @Jon’s modified version of consumable locker where it’s members who have spent some extra time volunteering with a team to do maintenance and having them be keyfob accessible would be really cool. We do have the Store in Neon that could potentially be utilized in some way. Right now we have a SawStop brake replacement on there and filament (I believe for the resin printer).

On the website menu notes, there are links to the different portals under members (note the arrow there). Utilizing submenus here makes a lot of sense for keeping it clean and organized (after all, those portals are only relevant if you are a member). We’ll work on adding a landing page for when you click Members from the menu and add additional info and links there.

Oh yes, also I really like the idea of a form for red-tagged machines. I’ve worked with the Discourse API a little bit and it seems like it would be very doable to set something up like this (disclaimer: we’d probably need someone who knows how to do the PHP programming aspect, but I could consult/assist on the API part). Sadly Skedda does not have an open API (just Zapier integrations, which maybe could get hooked up for this?), so that piece might not be automatible.

I also like the member login button idea.

The red tagging ideas are great. That said, when a newbie member breaks something (which rarely happens anyway) how are they going to remember what to do - or worse - feel guilty and embarrassed that they broke something and just book out’a there without saying anything.

Not that people are ever irresponsible but they don’t know how to fix stuff. Policies and procedures get buried in a wiki. A big ole sign that says “HERE IS WHAT YOU DO IF YOU FIND SOMETHING BROKEN” with an arrow to the red tags.

Can we afford a sign?

We can afford so many signs, nobody knows which ones are current :slight_smile:

I could have sworn there was a workday project in recent memory to make a tag-out board with instructions and tags. Anybody know if that actually happened, or I’m imagining things? I’m wondering if it just got stuck in a pile instead of on a wall.

Here is the Template I have been working on that Jon mentioned. The goal is for it to be done for almost all tools. These would be laminated and placed on the tool.
It is a one page use manual/ it also has expectations such as bring your own sandpaper etc/links to consumables and helpful videos… It also has the Red tag procedure.

If any one has any suggestions for the template please let me know. Once we finalize the template we can then try to recruit volunteers to make it for the tools.