Want to teach a class over Zoom?

We may not be hosting in-person classes right now, but there are a lot of classes that potentially work better over Zoom anyway where you can do screenshares to demonstrate software or coding. It would be awesome to get some of those setup on the calendar.

I’ve seen a number of people mention CAD/3D modeling, so that would be a really good one to do. Programming courses would also work really well and could be accompanied with a GitHub repo to clone and work through during the class. Anyone have interest in teaching something in this kind of format? It would be entirely the teacher’s call in terms of whether they want to charge for it or have it be a free offering. I’ll have to double check with the rest of the board, but I would be inclined to say ATXHS would not be collecting any fees from these classes regardless of whether or not they were free. Just looking for ways we can keep members connecting and learning.

I think a refresher laser course would be beneficial. In my case, I took the blue and red laser classes, and between them and getting myself in to use them, I had forgotten some things. I’ve just started using the red laser, and I’m making notes on the things I ran into that I had forgotten in Corel draw, and parameters in the print dialogue. Even the hardware portion of the process could be covered using photos in a zoom class

I wouldn’t intend this as a class to gain access to the laser, rather, it would be a refresher for those like me who need i reminder on what they learned in the original class. I think in a couple of weeks I would feel comfortable with my grasp of the red laser to do this, and I clear describe the class as a refresher, not a deeper dive by any means.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



That would be really awesome @tomthm! I’m sure there are a lot of members who are cleared on the lasers, but would appreciate a refresher course especially if coupled with some tips on the software. So much with the lasers is learned through experience too, so there’s a lot of valuable wisdom that could be shared.

Let me know when you feel ready and we can definitely get that setup!

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I could teach vcarve over zoom


Sweet @JoeN! Let me know a date (probably ideal for it to be at least a week or more out so there’s time for communicating). We can also record them if people are cool with that. I would imagine most people might not have VCarve at home, so having that one recorded for future reference seems especially helpful.

For any classes we set up, this is the basic info we’d need:

  • Class title
  • Quick description
  • Price you want to charge
  • How you want members to sign up
  • Any necessary stuff a person would need (e.g. if it were a programming class, you might have people install the language, clone a repo you’ve created, set up an IDE, etc.)

With that info, I can put it in email updates to send out to everyone and help rally students.

Nice. I would take that class. VCarve is something I’ve used a couple times, but then…you know. :slight_smile:

  • VCarve Class

  • How to get started and make better cuts in VCarve

  • $25

  • 10 participants

  • Download VCarve. VCarve Trial Download

  • I will demonstrate how to use VCarve and give you tips and tricks to help with making better cuts. This will help you use the cnc routers at the space.

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Awesome @JoeN, I can post that in the update for this weekend. You have a date/time in mind or a method you want people to use to sign up?

@drew just tagging you in this thread!

Bumping this thread. @gunnarkl any interest here?

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I can adapt the CNC router course for Zoom


That would be amazing @dannym! I know there are people who really want to learn the CNC still. Any ideas on when you would be ready and have time to do that? If you want, you could start a thread in Space Teams > CNC (https://yo.atxhs.org/c/spaces/cnc/29) to gauge people’s interest and availability.