✔️ VOTING OPEN for Maker Competition - Plant Edition🌱

Voting Open!! (2)

We have 10 amazing entries in the hanging planter competition! We want to send a big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who participated. A lot of thought, time, and effort was put into each piece and the lobby looks gorgeous!

View all entries and cast your vote here!

Voting is open through 5/26 and the winner will be announced 5/27!

Share the link with your friends and family!!


These are all so amazing!!! It’s going to be difficult voting for just one.

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Reminder to everyone to cast a vote for your favorite planter!


And a reminder that you can share the voting link with friends and family!

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Tonight is the deadline to vote!

I’m excited to see who won the competition—has a winner been determined yet?

Yes! Waiting for final info on participant names (anyone know who did the dragon one with laser and 3DP?)

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That was me :slight_smile: - Elizabeth Rupp