Voting member activity requirements

We currently have an issue that getting a quorum with our voting members is difficult, this is due to in-activity of members and certain actions requiring 2/3 of the voting members to participate for it to be considered a valid vote.

My proposal is that a in-activity requirement be added, that if a voting member does not participate in 3 consecutive voting events, that they be removed from the list of voting members. And their $100 refunded.

  • if they can’t be contacted or met to return the $100 it will be held for them till they can be refunded the money

A member who has been removed as a voting member can ask to be added back at any time
(if they received their $100 deposit they must resubmit it) but it won’t take effect until after the next up-coming member meeting.

  • this is to help prevent mass on boarding of voters to push a vote.

I agree we should re-examine how voting works. Really like all the mechanisms above; I’d also like to lower the $100 — $50 seems like enough to be meaningful but less likely to be class-dividing.

Goal is to have voters that care about community, volunteer their time, and commit to being informed and active voters.

  • New members must wait until 30 days after becoming dues-paying community member, and take one class or complete a meaningful project at the space.
  • Voters should be an active contributor on either the forums, working groups or community meetings (shows that they care about governance)
  • Commit to reviewing proposals and voting when it’s voting time.
  • Demonstrate community contributions of say 4 hrs/month on approved activity and commit to carrying through for first 12 months (including trial). Teaching classes, work days, maintenance all would count towards this.

(@Tookys I think you wrote up some stuff about that in another place that I couldn’t find so some of these ^^ may be your ideas badly recycled)

Per the OA this can be done by B-Share vote (i.e. majority of a quorum, not the much harder amendment process). We could run the vote following discussion at the July first-wed meeting; can other people weigh in? (@voters)

I made the requirements for becoming a member it’s own thing in this thread -> Requirements to become a Voting member

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