VOTE yard art sign (instead of Santa Claus)

Hi people
I wanted to make an “artistic” VOTE yard sign. I can do this at home on my Shark CNC (a model perhaps?) but wanted to think bigger and stronger - maybe sheet metal with embedded rebar to make weak points stronger and easier to stick in Austin dirt. I was wondering if the Fiber laser was available and working? Is that the right tool? Should I get it made at a commercial shop?

Any suggestions welcome

Going to something like…


The fiber laser would be a good tool, but it’s not working yet. You could also use the bigger CNC at the shop if you just wanted a bigger version of the same sign. If strength is your concern, you could add some metal bar sandwiched between 2 sheets of plywood. You could also put a ‘frame’ around it so it has more structure (for example the ‘V’ rather than just the small connection to the T, but all the letters could be better connected). The big CNC could also cut it out of aluminum sheet I believe, but I think that would be overkill and expensive for a large aluminum sheet I think. Just my 2 cents


Thanks Adam. I think the big CNC or Tarkin would do fine (but need a refresher course) I’ll get it sorted somehow. Just wanted to have some fun with this and use up a bunch of ply hanging around in the garage as well as paint that needs to be put to a good use.

Appreciate your reply