Vinyl Lettering

Is anyone familiar with or know about using vinyl lettering? I have a small commission to create similar pieces as in the picture. I’m having trouble finding premade vinyl lettering and believe they were originally custom designed by the maker. Would I be able to possibly use the laser to cut letters from adhesive backed vinyl? Or should I look for a shop that specializes in making these? Any advice would be awesome!

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We do have a large vinyl cutter in textiles

The vinyl cutter in textiles works very well; I’ve made several large signs with it. There are also a large number of vinyl rolls freely available to use. The more common colors have been mostly used up, but you may still find what you need, or you can use the material to practice the cutting and transfer technique.

So would the lettering have to be stenciled on to the vinyl then cut? I’m a little clueless when it comes to this as I mainly use the laser and CNC.

It’s very similar to the laser and CNC in that it cuts vectors.
Use the software to lay out your text in vector format, load the paper, then “print.” It will cut the letters out of the roll you loaded.

The vinyl comes on a paper carrier. You’ll design the lettering you want in the software (sir cuts alot? sure cuts alot?), and it will cut those letters. Then you’ll “weed” (remove) the vinyl you don’t want to transfer, leaving the letters behind on the carrier paper. You’ll need to use a clear transfer vinyl (clear contact paper works) to press over the letters, transfer them from the carrier paper to the clear vinyl, then move them over the surface you want to adhere them too. Use a credit card or similar to bray the letters down onto the new surface and remove the contact paper.
It’s real neat.
I suggest Siser vinyl, and you can choose removable or permanent (you’ll probably want permanent in this case)

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Awesome! Thank y’all, I really appreciate it!

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