Vinyl cutting needed

One of the high priority tasks on the agenda for the work day this weekend is cleaning the doors glass, removing old ATXHS signage, and putting up new Asmbly signage (Google actually won’t update our business listing address because of this :roll_eyes:).

We’ll need some stuff vinyl cut for this, so we either need someone who knows how to work the vinyl cutter on Saturday, or if someone who knows who isn’t able to come Saturday can do in advance, that would work too. I can provide files and more details.

I can help you with this. I have a vinyl cutter at home, so I can work on it before the shop day.

Sweet, thank you! @EricP has some white vinyl we were going to use, would you want to try to get that from him to do at home before hand or do you have some white we could replace for you? How big can you do on yours?

I believe I have some white vinyl I can use here, I’ll check. My cutter will do 32 in wide, by however long.

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I will have the file to you by tomorrow. Preferred file type? SVG?

Yes ma’am

Hey @valerie and @EricP

I didn’t have as much white vinyl at home as I thought I did, and Amazon fell through on my delivery. I was able to cut out a few of the decals, but not all. If y’all can bring vinyl to the space tomorrow, I can try to cut the rest there.

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