Vinyl Cutter Use?

Hello. I was looking at the Vinyl Cutter today when I came into the shop. It seems like no one has touched it in months due to all the dust on everything. I was wondering if there was a class for vinyl cutting? What software is there to use for it and on what computer? I would love to start working with it asap.

the computer next to it has a manual and the software on it.
no class have fun


One other note @Contreras14 feel free to move the vinyl cutter/computer into the lounge with the other printers. I think that is a better spot. Feel free to adjust the layout over there as needed.


There 2 computers by the vinyl cutter. One on its own desk with a password lock and the other is on a desk with with some 3D printers. I also do not see a manual.

I’ve never used it so I’m just guessing here but hopefully I can help – I’d assume the correct computer is the one to the left. I think Eric meant that the manual is digital and on the computer, and I’ll message you the generic username/pass that could work – it may not be correct though if it has a different one.

Yep left, the manual is in pdf form on that computer