Video uploading and Compression help

Hey Makers,

I’m trying to uploading the recordings of the Titebond Glue Talk and the CNC Demo Day.

Both these files were filmed in high quality and the sizes are quite large. Demo Day is 24.5 gb over three videos. Titebond is 8gb over 5 videos.

Any help on combining these videos and compressong them to a manageable size to upload to our google drive would be greatly appreciated. I tried a converter and the video quality was horrible.

You’ll need to transcode them into smaller files.
A cheap way to do this is w/ Handbrake, albeit still painful due to the interface:

Combining the various 5 video files is generally done in an editing application.
Handbrake doesn’t support merging video files.

There may be online tools that do transcoding and merging, but they’ll cost some money, as transcoding video is a very CPU-intensive operation.

Handbrake is what I used to shrink them, but quality suffered badly. It does have a LOT of settings to try.
Any idea of where to start

As a side note, I helped build a video transcoder for our application stack.
You may be able to use it for free with the free tier account. But I don’t think so because like I said, video processing is very CPU/GPU intensive.

Our video processing is also very complicated, and to be honest I’m not sure even I would be able to get it all working in a time-efficient manner.
I built a video transcoding service and I’d still use Handbrake :slight_smile:

Constant Framerate (maybe you need to set this to 30 or 24fps. Hopefully you didn’t shoot this in 60fps)
Constant Quality: High
Dimensions: 720p
Encoder: H264

It looks like it has some decent presets, select a high-quality 720p web preset (30fps) and see how that works out.

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If you’re still looking for assistance with this, I’m the product manager for a video hosting service. Happy to help transcode something for you to be more manageable.


@tsmith I’ve used the settings @jiggliemon recommended in Handbrake and seem to have a decent file. That being said, I’m sure there is lots of room for improvement, and would appreciate a helping hand verifying, or more likely, doing it correctly.

For sure! It mostly depends on what you want to do with the output file. I could grab the original from a Google Drive link or someplace else and give it a shot if you like. I’m also gonna be there for a class tomorrow night, if you’ll be around

The originals are very large, each over 10gb so google drive is hard to do. What time is your class, I can bring them by on a usb.

Sorry, I didn’t get a ping for your reply! I’m aiming to be there around 6. Class is 6:30-10