Video on joinery systems tested

A good video on different types of joinery systems commonly used and with tools available in the space.


Literally watched this video a few days ago! Good find.

Scott’s a funny guy and puts out some good stuff.

If like enjoy using dowel joinery, here’s an excellent video on the various types of dowels and they’re strengths.

Is there a dowel jig at Asmbly?

It looks like there is not a dowel jig. But there is the Shaper… and as they say “When all you do is CAD/CAM everything looks like a hammer.”

So I followed the format of this video and cut a bunch of dowel holes and timed it. Once you have the Shaper set up, create a grid, and load your design (from Mozaik in my case) it’s pretty fast. Auto pass with an 1/8” bit got me two 1/4” dowel holes in 1:30, or 3 minutes per stretcher.

The result fits better than most dominoes I’ve cut for cabinets in the past and is probably faster.


Unfortunately the Shaper station only works for stretchers and nailers. Joining the sides to the bottom will require another solution.

I like this guy’s video a lot - and great data:
Forget Mortise and Tenons… THIS joint is better. (

I work by hand - and cutting Tenons or Bridles on a table saw is scary & silly…but by hand they are fast, easy, and pretty…once you know how.

Hope this is helpful!


Personally, with the right jig, and a SHARP proper blade, there is nothing scary or silly about doing bridle, half lap joints, or tenons on a table saw. Once you set themp up you can run hundreds. It used to be the go to joints for the frame of floating/raised panel kitchen cabinet doors before the onset of router bits.