I put in a dollar in the vending machine and it swallow it. I no longer know if the dollar is solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. I’m thinking plasma.

Tried to see if another dollar would fit in but it appears my dollar got stuck. There’s a chance that another version of me snagged that Diet Coke just fine in a parallel universe. Because of this, I’m totally cool with it. But I do think the machine will need some unclogging (in this universe). You know, just so the other me doesn’t drink too many Diet Cokes. I heard it could be bad for you.

Didn’t see a topic section for parallel universe black hole vending machines. So, I’m not sure if this is the right area for this topic.


Red QR code maybe haha

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All is right in the universe now. It seems the tape on your dollar defeated the machine.

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Awesome! Thank you @ashleyrlee for the suggestion–I’ll make sure to do it next time. And for @jamesfreeman for unraveling this very serious mystery :ghost: