Vending Machine is Working

The vending machine in the MPR is functional again. Drinks are cold and the coin and dollar acceptor work. Plans to upgrade it to accept CC’s are in the works. It currently has Coke in it, hut should be stocked up more this week.


I saw a vending machine post in the weekly updates and my ears perked. But now that I’m here, can we put some Narcan in it from N.I.C.E. project as an homage to the Narcan vending machine that was made possible from the connections I made through ASMBLY? :wink:

Heh, I can’t tell if you’re serious or not @econtroversy. I love that connections at Asmbly helped make the N.I.C.E. project possible! Narcan in a soda can vending machine wouldn’t work well without major modifications to the dispensing or what it’s dispensed in, but more importantly Asmbly wouldn’t be an impactful place to have lifesaving medication for overdosing readily available given that drug use is not allowed at Asmbly (drugs + dangerous high-powered equipment = disaster/death/dismemberment/etc).

More info about N.I.C.E. for anyone that’s not yet familiar with it →

I wonder if there’s a good way to acknowledge in-space the connection between N.I.C.E. and ASMBLY even if it doesn’t mean having a dispenser. I heard about the project a few months ago and thought it was a very cool project! Nice to know that the space helped with it coming to life!

On the other hand, it is my understanding that opioid addiction can be an “invisible” affliction and an overdose can strike where it is least expected- both inside the space, and potentially in the industrial park and surrounding communities. Unless it’s an issue of prioritizing where potentially limited doses live for availability, it could still be a functional addition.

@pearlgreymusic when there are only two N.I.C.E. vending machines available in all of Austin currently both of which are more publicly accessible, it really is not a service to the greater Austin community to put one inside a space that is only accessible with exclusive paid access and also forbids drug use on premises.

These vending machines do the most good when they are placed somewhere readily accessible to all and in close proximity to areas/venues where drug use is more likely or known to occur. I think it would be a disservice and waste of resources to have something like this inside of a locked facility like Asmbly (there are many days when less than 20 people total come through the space). It would be great to see one of them in the Lamar Rundberg area near Asmbly placed somewhere completely accessible to all 24 hours a day.

It’d also be great to have this volunteer project for the lobby TV done so that we can highlight community projects like this on there – Lobby TV microcontroller project


Makes sense to me!

Can we have one of the slots dispense plain water? That’s what I need most often when I’m there.

Alternatively, if we do get a new refrigerator (though I think the old one has makerspace charm), can we get one with a cold water and ice dispenser?


How important is refrigeration to you? I usually just fill a water bottle from the tap. If you don’t like our tap water, we could put a filtered drinking water tap on the bar sink pretty easily.

@SafetyIII is going to help us get a RO drinking water tap early next year. We’ve got a lot of big shop expenses and other items that are pushing that to an early 2023 item. It won’t be refrigerated though.

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Putting water in one of the vending slots shouldnt be a problem.


There is a 3stage filter and filler in the stewards closet ready for whoever wants to install. @SafetyIII

I have a large stainless Samsung refrigerator that is a little too big for my shop that the space could buy but the Ice part of it is messed up. cold water though.

I definitely prefer my water cold, and I don’t mind paying a modest premium for that. James put a bunch of water bottles in the vending machine today, and I was the first customer for it.


This is so exciting! I saw James stocking the vending machine and audibly gasped.

Also wow at how many topics branched off from this post.

@EricP what price are you selling your appliance for? I may start a rogue fundraiser

That is the #1 failure point on a refrigerator, you know? It’s also a pathogen source if not maintained regularly.

If you’re not down with bottled water, we’d likely be better off with a couple of 2 or 5 gallon dispenser containers that sit in fridge and get replaced regularly. Easier to maintain and to delegate maintenance of. Hint. Hint.

I suggested this only as an alternative to my primary suggestion, which was in fact implemented, so I am content.

But I would be happy to delegate the acquisition and maintenance of such dispensers to you, as you hint. Please keep us updated.

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Stocked with more options now!