VCarve Version

My VCarve file would not load on the big CNC computer this AM. The version that I have at home shows 11.555 and the CNC shows 11.554. I tried to update the CNC computer, but it says it is already on the latest version… I had to revert to an old file and redo design to continue.

Ugh. There’s a lot to like about VCarve, but I do often wish they did a better job of handling version changes in their file format save/load code. Having spent a sizable chunk of my software career working on similar problems in industrial software, I know it can be challenging to make it completely seamless, but it is definitely annoying when such a (presumably) minor update totally breaks file loading.

Yeah, this one was particularly odd in that I did not manually do any updates from one day to the next where it was working and then not…. There must be some background updates that I was unaware of. Also wilder that when trying to perform that minor update on the CNC computer, that it could not find the newer version.

Not looking for a solution here, just awareness….