VCarve postprocessors

Hello folks,

I’ve trimmed out the huge list of irrelevant postprocessors (for saving as G-gode) on the VCarve machine beside the CNC router, and created some new options.

LinuxCNC G64_arcs (in or mm) is the preexisting PP.

NonArcs (in or mm) avoids using the G2/G3 arc command and implements circular arc cases with many small vectors, the same as any other curve. Personally, I prefer this, as the arc format of g-code itself inherently has some technical interpretation issues when trying to recover jobs. Arcs are just fine to run, though.

There is also a drag knife postprocessor (in or mm) - please DO NOT USE THIS yet. It’s just the non-arcs with the spindle start line removed, but I realized the next day that there was a spot where the spindle start was still in there. I’ll fix that asap.