Vacuum table question

Hi all - wondering if anyone has tried using plastic sheeting to cover a vacuum table section for a piece that doesn’t cover the whole area? I was thinking of trying to cut some holes out of some thick painter’s plastic that I could put the piece on top of… wondering if that would work?

People use that help seal vacuum sections.

This has been discussed before and I think it would work well. To my knowledge, no one has reported on actually doing it. Another option that would probably work well would be poster board.

Posterboard works great! It’s got 3 chief advantages- one, since it’s flexible, you can peel it off easily without turning off the vac. Two, since it’s thin, you can overlap pieces. Three, it’s still enough that it’s going to lay flat and spread itself out without wrinkles or bunching up.

Plastic sheeting is similar on the first two, but posterboard had that third point going for it


Thanks for the feedback, all. I have some old painting plastic in my garage so I may try it first - but great to know on posterboard!