Using eletronics room ? Misc questions

So when I went to reserve space on the electronics room last night I received an error about invalid time. Is it the case that electronics lab is not open because a cleaning document has not been created for it ?

Is there one well written generalized document? I looked at a couple.

Is there not a lot of coverage of shop stewards? I only saw Kye listed on one day when I looked around. I was under impression before that there was going to be a lot of shop stewards. No judgement - I was against shop stewards being necessary due to the load on volunteers that would require.

Skedda seems like a great fit and easy to use.

Hey @BrianBowles that’s exactly right on the Electronics room. We just need a doc written up for it, then it’s good to go. Would you be able to do that? I know the laser sanitation docs have some good boilerplate info at the start of them (you could basically copy the first page over), then after that we’re just looking for some specifics on that particular area. For example if there are certain types of cleaners that are appropriate on some items, but not on others. Also good to have general reminders of surfaces that should be wiped that people might not think about because use of them is so automatic. If you want to write the docs up at the start of a session, I can book the time for you while we have it marked unavailable and open it up completely once the docs are complete.

On the shop steward note, it’s something we’re still working on getting fully in place and you might see more people indicating themselves as that on the calendar moving forward. Our hope is to have at least one shop steward there at some point each day to be available to assist members as needed, but also do some checks on supplies and cleaning, etc. We aren’t making it a requirement for the space to be open.

I agree on Skedda, it’s been a really great product and their customer success team is super proactive and responsive to questions. We’re planning to keep it in use to replace the Google calendars we were previously using for CNC, laser, etc. reservations once we’re past all this pandemic stuff.

I will look and see what I can do with the document, since this is the path going forward and I wish to support such things

I’m not sure which cleaner has which properties. I do know that spraying with a bottle onto devices with vents is not a good idea. I once burned out a nice receiver by spraying windex near it while it was on/plugged in.

I’ll look for a time to book the 3d printer area and if not I can have you book an hour for me.

Thank you for your service, Valerie.

Cool, sounds like a plan. Thanks @BrianBowles! Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I figure there are some important specifics on with electronics in particular – items you want to be sure NOT to spray. Appreciate your help with that.