Useful Tool: Free / Open-source Image vectorizer

I’ve been looking for a decent vectorizer, aside from Adobe Illustrator, and found a decent one.

VTracer - Create a vector image (for use in CNC design tools, such as Lightburn / Fusion360). Copy/paste or upload a “raster” (pixel) photo, and the tool will convert it to a vector format (SVG).

Anyone have others they’d like to share?

// JRO

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I don’t have anything to add. I will give it a try. Thanks for posting

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Nice. Didn’t know about that. On the hardware side of the fence, Shaper released their Shaper Trace. Right now I believe it’s only available to those who participated in the the crowd funding. David Disko has his.

Thanks for sharing this one @JRO, it looks promising.

I found that Inkscape can do a decent job of vectorizing greyscale images, so it usually ends up being a two-step process for me: play with levels in GIMP, import into Inkscape for the conversion to bitmap. The quality of the vector usually depends on the starting image, which I think is kind of unavoidable.

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Surprisingly, the vinyl cutting software SureCutsALot does very nice vectorization of simple images. Which is useful because it refuses to import a lot of legal SVG files.

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