Used Oil Collection Center.......That's Not Us!

I have provided a link, HERE, listing places that will take things such as used oil, filters, batteries, antifreeze, and tires. Any automotive fluids that are brought to the shop must also depart with you whether it’s brought by vehicle or some other container. I retrieved the containers from the trash for whoever changed their oil and placed them next to the oil drain pan.

Also, the blue container in the auto shop holds fine sawdust that is used for drying up any spills that may occur back there. No one wants to track oil into their vehicle to get it into carpet. Much less attempt to get it out. It’s no fun at all.

I manage an auto repair shop, and can help with some of this. I will bring proper absorbent for oil clean up, and if someone wants to designate a location, I can collect used oil, fluids and filters for disposal.