Use the correct dumpster

A reminder: only the dumpster with the Asmbly logo on it (size 8 yd) is ours. Tonight I saw someone dump sawdust into the 6 yd dumpster next to ours. I counseled them about it, but it was obvious that one or more other Asmbly people had put trash into it as well; there was a big MDF sheet with big circles cut out of it in there. Please only use ours.


Thank you for posting this and helping keep members aware @mgmoore! The dumpster left of ours belongs to the neighbors next to the shop and they’ve complained before about us dumping in their bin (they have even sent us their security camera footage of it). Let’s be good neighbors and respect the bins!

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What about recyclable stuff like cardboard? I usually put that in the recycling bin, which I assumed was shared.


That’s correct, recycling is shared

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