[UPDATED] Austin in Stage 5 -- What you need to know about ATXHS


The city’s order does include a curfew and the board has voted to follow that curfew. Our hours will be 5am-10:30pm (order currently set to expire 1/11/21).

As you might already know, Austin has moved into Stage 5 of [Austin Public Health's COVID-19 Risk-Based Guidelines](http://www.austintexas.gov/page/covid-19-risk-based-guidelines). The board discussed what our actions would be several weeks ago when the threat of moving to stage 5 was mentioned as well as potential for a city-wide curfew (article [here](https://www.statesman.com/story/news/2020/12/11/austin-travis-county-could-move-stage-5-coronavirus-risk-early-next-week/6508605002/)).

We agreed that given how we have structured rules during COVID to require members schedule their time and sanitizing workspaces, ATXHS will not close in Stage 5. We urge all members to consider whether their use of ATXHS is essential and make that determination on a personal level.

At this time, the city has not set a city-wide curfew. If or when that does happen, we will adjust our hours and post here to let everyone know. As a general rule, if Skedda (our scheduling software) allows you to book a time, it is a valid time to come to the space. If any previously scheduled bookings are affected by new rules, we will reach out to those individuals.

Thank you all for stepping up as a community to make sure we can safely remain in open during these strange times. Please continue diligently masking and sanitizing in the space so that we can continue keeping ATXHS a safe place to create.

-Valerie & ATXHS Board

For more information from the City of Austin on COVID, check out their website here


Update: Reading the full order, there is actually some info about a curfew. The @board is reviewing the orders and will update here after discussing.

You can find the orders on the Austin website here.

SECTION 2. Stay Home. All individuals currently living within the City of Austin are
hours 10:30 PM and 5:00 AM. For the purposes of this Order, residence include hotels, motels,
shared rentals, and similar facilities. Additionally, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED and
RECOMMENDED that individuals utilize drive-thru, delivery, take-out, curbside, or pick up
services for both restaurants and retail businesses.

OK, the vote is complete and as previously stated we will follow the city’s curfew. That means our hours are shifting from 6am - 12am midnight to 5am - 10:30pm. Because we will be opening an hour earlier than previously and closing 1.5 hours earlier, the result of this change is only a 30 minute reduction in bookable time at the space per day.

The Stage 5 orders including the curfew are currently scheduled to expire on January 11th, 2021 (CoA order here). We’ll keep in touch with any changes, but rest assured the hours will expand back out once the curfew is lifted. Skedda settings have been updated and the one reservation affected is being contacted.

Thank you all for your efforts to keep our community safe and exemplary during this pandemic!

FYI – although we remain in Stage 5, the city has not released orders to extend the curfew so ATXHS board has voted to move hours to 5am - 12am.

It’s important to note that Austin remains in Stage 5 with our ICUs nearing capacity. Yesterday, the Austin Convention Center was opened as a low-level care facility for COVID patients to help alleviate overall hospital capacity. We continue to urge all members to consider whether their use of ATXHS is essential and make that determination on a personal level. Please help your fellow neighbor and frontline workers by wearing your mask when out in public and minimizing exposure!