UP FOR GRABS - Auto Tools & Misc

As we finish clearing out the old autobay storage to set up the new metal shop, we’ve been finding some very automotive-specific stuff we don’t have any reason to keep around anymore

Everything on (not near) the silver wire shelf (including the shelf if you want it!) is up for grabs to anyone who’s interested.

(yes, that’s a fog machine on the top shelf)


I’d like to pick up the shelf after some of the auto stuff is gone! Can someone please ping me after a bit of it is gone? I don’t want to just “leave” the up for grabs stuff someplace.

if there is a distinct timeline for its removal, please share that info too! Thanks, Steve


Can anyone please let me know if rack is at a point for me to claim it today? I am flying in and can be there around 4:30pm if so…