Up For Grabs: 24V DC Power Supply & Motors

Hi All - I put a few items on the up for grabs shelf:

  • 2 Mean Well SP-750-24 24V DC Power Supplies
  • 3 Small KNF Vacuum Pumps (could use as-is or repurpose the 24V DC brushless motor)
  • 1 Tecan Pump (DC stepper motor)

These items are used and have been in the garage for a while but should still be working. Enjoy!

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I see only a single power supply. Did someone grab the rest already?

Hi Kyle - I actually have a question about DC motors - think you’d be up for helping me answer it?

I’m converting a beat up EZ GO to a DC Brushless motor - 48V 2000W. Trying to use a 48V 30A motor controller with 48V 12A lead acid batteries - I have 48V going into the controller but nothing coming out…

Would love some help figuring out how to get this to work…

Thanks in advance - Matt