Unintended Discourse down time [RESOLVED]

Several of you noticed there was some down time this morning on our Discourse. This was not intended. We received an alert on the monitoring we have set up at 4:30a.

Apparently, there was an issue with our card on file and their communications to us about this issue were pretty subpar (they open up a support ticket on their end and email you through a support ticket with no reference to Discourse, so it just looks like replies being sent on a random support ticket no one opened). They also made it quite difficult to update the payment and we had to wait for a billing support person to respond and step in to take care of that.

Shout out to @Jon for quickly jumping on this and working with their various teams to resolve something that should have simply been logging into our account and updating info. TGIF amirite? :sweat_smile: le sigh