Two nice recliners for the common area (or you) from former member


I was a Hackerspace member years ago. We’re moving and have two decent plush fabric-upholstered recliners to give away. It’s been ages since we’ve been at the 'space, but my wife asked me to ask y’all if you’d like them for the lounge area.

My expectation is that you don’t/won’t want them. That said: If any of you personally - as individuals - would like two decent recliners, you’re welcome to them too.

Photo on 4-14-22 at 4.49 PM|690x460


Jonathan L.

PS: If this was completely inappropriate, I sincerely apologize. - JAL

Hey @jonathanleistiko! Certainly not inappropriate so no need to apologize. You guessed correctly that we won’t want them for the space, but if any members are personally interested for themselves I hope they’ll pipe up and reach out.

Hope your move goes well!


Thanks for the quick reply. They’re still available if anyone wants 'em! We’re in Pflugerville, near The Growler Bar.

  • JAL

…and they’re gone. Went to a family of 9 in Hutto.

Feel free to delete or archive this thread if you want to.

Have a great day, all!

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