Trouble with Blue laser

Hi, I had a reservation on big red but couldn’t get past the “out of range” error on startup. There was a class for blue tonight during which it was seemingly working but a couple minutes into my session the x axis started behaving erratically and skipping steps.

Just wanted to reach out to ask if anyone had experienced either of these issues or had workarounds.

“Out of range” is just a prob where the display fails to sync up on boot, although the system actually does boot underneath that.

OOR will always appear briefly after power-up and should disappear in a few seconds. If it continues to display, then you just need to reboot and it will be fine.

Big silver button. A long press may be needed to force it to reset if it’s still booting the OS (which you can’t see anyways).

Blue,X axis skipping? I do not know, that hasn’t happened before. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Thanks very much Danny.

I think I have experienced that with Blue too. I was using it a few nights ago and the laser cut in totally the wrong spot. I repeated the cut and it was fine so seemed to be a sporadic, not easy to reproduce thing. Pics below show a zoom in on what was sent to the laser and what it cut (after I sent the job another time and recut the messed up one).

I am here to use the blue laser and it seems to be having some error. The X axis is stuck or moving erratically when I turned it on. I tried restarting but same thing happening.

When I try to position the laser beam on diff spots on the laser bed I see that the x-axis is off by several inches. I’m guessing it probably needs to be re-calibrated? I’ll just work on some designing on the s/w today.

This would mean the X axis is somehow jamming and stalling the stepper.

Pearl is ready there as a backup, in fact it’s a straight 100W and a faster machine. It is functional but needs exhaust hose hooked up last I saw. The print interface looks a bit different, but it’s cosmetic- they’re both ULS machines, and the print interface is mostly a 1:1 equivalent to how Blue’s works.

The honeycomb in Blue can go into Pearl if Blue isn’t available.

Thank you Danny. Yes… I see the x-axis is jamming on the sides. I haven’t used Pearl and am not sure of all the controls and if the exhaust is setup properly. There are also lot of tools and tubes in it so I don’t want to mess up something. I’d definitely like to get a quick rundown on how to operate it safely before using it. It’s ok if I can’t use blue laser today. I’ll setup a time for next week sometime to work on my project. If you get a chance to take a look at it or fix it, please post an update. Thanks for all the help from everyone here. Everyone I met here are always so helpful.

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There is a prob with the stepper drive. I can order parts on Monday.

Meanwhile, Pearl is ready to take jobs if it’s from Illustrator, I don’t see where Corel was installed. We are adding Lightburn to this and that’s part of our new unified toolchain.

Pearl is a straight 100W, so it’s actually quite an upgrade. There is a rotary jig available for use too.

The actual use is equivalent to Blue, the print driver is laid out a bit differently but it’s mostly cosmetic.

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Thanks for all your hard work on this Danny!

Is the Blue laser usable now? Pearl is booked so checking if I could use Blue for a project.

Blue is not available yet. I will get it ready soon. Tarkin is the priority at the moment.

Pearl’s booking still has most of the day open.

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