Tronxy X5SA on sale

So this is a 330x330x400 huge format printer—currently, 50% off the list price on Amazon. From what I’ve read, it’s not a “fantastic” printer out of the box as it can be fiddly to get it going (no novices), but you can use it to build something like a VzBot 330 printer or possibly a Voron 2.1. The cost of this printer is cheaper than the parts needed right now.

make sure you click the coupon box!!

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This is a VzBot

That is certainly a good price but for anyone considering an entry level printer this is not a great option. Perhaps a good platform to heavily modify but to me it looks flimsy and I am seeing complaints about stability and consistency in the reviews. I would still highly recommend an Ender 3 as a first printer for anyone interested in tinkering and wanting something cheap. Of course this is bigger but you won’t possibly be able to successfully print big prints on a machine that isn’t very well tuned so chances are you’ll just be frustrated with this and it’ll take up a bigger footprint for nothing.

I mentioned that it’s not for people new to building 3d Printers or at least not for the faint of heart.

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