Trash Key Troubles

FYI tonight i was having trouble getting the trash key to open the dumpster lock. It may possibly be bent out of shape. If anyone has luck with it please let me know! This also means there may be some semi full bins tomorrow but nothing seemed overflowing when i left today

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I had some issues when I tried to open the lock yesterday morning too, but I was able to get it to work. It seemed like the shackle was a little bit rusty and didn’t want to move. I’d recommend just fiddling with it a bit, but a new lock may be in order soon too…not sure

If some one could lubricate the lock. That would be great!


The key has definitely been bent. It appears to have been bent back too, at some point.

It doesn’t need lubrication, it just won’t align the pins.

Key is not bent. Springs inside lock have moved. Hold lock upside down key works. From the looks of the damage done to the lock it was probably hit when they were collecting the trash. I am taking out all trash that is here now but I don’t make more than paper towel trash when I am here so I am kind of bummed that I am responsible for so many peoples trash I feel like a mom in a sitcom. I included a photo of a short term solution to easily keep the lock upside down for ease of unlocking.