Trash key is trash

There are two mostly full cans next to the woodshop door. I took them out only to find that the key is no longer turning in the lock. Didn’t have time to finagle with it this afternoon.

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Thanks for trying and reporting.

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I will come and take a look. I lubricated it a few months ago. It has been raining a lot. I assume that is the issue.

I tried every which way and the lock just won’t open. The key’s a little bent but it’s been bent a long time. I hunted around with it trying to get the pins to all line up but nothing.

I’m guessing the lock just got banged around too much, maybe dropped, and something bent and jammed a pin.

We need a new lock. If we manage to get it open once, don’t put it back on because it probably won’t open for the next person anyhow, and we may end up having to cut it off. It’s an impressively thick shackle to try to cut, too.

Any update? If it’s still locked, we need to angle grind it off today. The trash is just gonna build up fast

It is still jammed as of 7:59pm Wednesday. I tried some CRC lube but didn’t seem to do anything. It wiggles but I think a pin is broken or jammed—just feels like the key is wrong. Probably needs to be ground off.