Translucent 3d prints - which material to use?

I want to 3d print some translucent keycaps (not transparent) and trying to find the best material for it. From what I’ve read so far, PETG and SLA seem like good candidates. I’d like the quality to be close to the picture below and would like to minimize post processing. Any recommendations on which material, what filament/resin to use and are there are better material alternatives?

Another question I had was if I want to print SLA at Asmbly, I believe the resin has to be purchased from Asmbly - is there a page that lists out what resin(s) are stocked? And if none of the resins are suitable for translucent prints, can I bring my own? And are there any restrictions on what resin manufacturers are allowed?


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If you’re willing to polish it, SLA will get you the clearest results. Custom Resin Dice Masters - Etsy

These for example are mine, they are SLA printed with a clear blue resin and polished using Zona papers and a plastic polishing compound.

As for using outside resins at assembly, especially clear, my recommendation is to buy a replacement vat from amazon and use that for your own personal resin. You can also buy your own build plate but that is less important since you just have to wipe it off. Personally I store my vats with resin in the box they came in and use a 3D printed cover for the bottom and top while in storage. I use one vat per color, or at least per clear/matte

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Thanks. The dice look pretty good!