Transferring servers on Wednesday, March 31

Hi, folks,

Fresh off my deracking of a bunch of the equipment from the lounge computer cabinet, I’m going to be transferring 2 of the 1U servers from the electronics lab to the lounge this upcoming Wednesday.

I will be unable to transfer the keyfob server and the camera DVR until we decide to rewire.



Yes! Do you need volunteers to help with the clean up of the electronics lab?

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Thanks for the offer, but I don’t really need a volunteer for the e-lab right now–elsewhere in the space probably needs volunteers more urgently. Generally, I need to classify and think about whether something is useful before I store or disposition it.

However, I think I’m down to the “components” level rather than “functional things” level. I suspect I’m just going to ziploc baggie any freestanding components from their containers and put them in a box for disposition.

Right before Covid hit, I threw out about $4500 worth of similar kinds of components simply because nobody wants them. It’s cheaper to reorder from DigiKey/Mouser than it is to store and inventory old stuff. :frowning:

Reminder, folks. I’m going to be unracking the servers in the electronics lab tomorrow at about 2:30PM. I’ll probably be in the space until sometime after 6:00PM, so if something goes wrong, look for the big guy with the chili pepper bucket hat and let me know.

Side question: does anybody know what those servers do? One is marked NFS Server and I can’t imagine we’re doing anything with NFS at this point. I won’t even bother reracking them if I can just shut them down and we still have internet, key fobs, and cameras.


no idea what might be on the NFS server, but “Chief Wiggum” is the door controller.

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and, I might add, comically oversize for the application :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that. We have 4 computers in that cabinet as far as I can tell.

There is Chief Wiggum, the keyfob computer. There is the DVR for the security cameras. I’m planning on leaving those two alone as they require us to rewire things.

And then there are the two 1U computers, one of which is labeled “NFS server”. And then there is the one below that.

I suspect tomorrow I’m just going to shut them off and see if anything breaks. If nothing breaks on shutdown, I’ll just leave them in place as there is no point in reracking them if they aren’t being used.

oh, when I looked the other day I thought it was a 2U NFS server. oops.

I vote we turn them off and see what stops working. everything’s been unceremoniously power-cycled recently thanks to the storm, so I’m not too worried about things not turning back on if they need to.

Servers are down. Nothing untoward seems to have happened. Fobs and Wifi are still running.

I’m just going to leave them down and in place.

A warning though … if those drives are 10 years old, the lubrication on the spindle will settle after a couple weeks and they will likely not power back on. If someone wants to do forensics to figure out what the heck is on there, they should do it shortly.

@elrod - want to make sure you see this as you are probably most likely to know what might be on there.