Track Saw track length

When I took the Track Saw class, there was only a short track. Did we ever get an extension and/or longer tracks? I checked the Wiki, but did not see any details. I also saw other posts mentioning longer tracks, but nothing conclusive. Also where are the tracks stored?

I believe a new track has been ordered and should be in this week. Tracks are hiding on the side of the cabinet that holds the track saw.

Thanks Shane, I stopped in yesterday and looked at the existing tracks. Not in the best shape and could not find where the track connectors were hiding. Great to hear about new track. Having a track saw with a crummy track kind of defeats the purpose :smiling_face:

This looks like a great deal for a member that wants an 8’ track:

2700mm Festool Track for $175

the two tracks we have are a Makita and a Kreg (I think) and will not connect. We have the connector (that’s how I know) and the second Makita track should be here today, the 8th, says Amazon.

2nd track is in now.

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